Our Forró teachers

We have lots of incredible teachers with a mix of styles and various approaches, but with one thing in common  - A lot of passion to share their skills and wisdom with you!

Our aim is to provide lots of inspiration and great opportunities to learn, but also to give you the time to practice, have fun, get to know each other and mainly to get outdoors and enjoy forró in the summertime with campfires and random acts of campsite shenanigans that leave you feeling like this festival is much much more than just forró..


Here's the wonderful 2019 team confirmed so far..!

Matheus Antunes

We love you Matheus!

For the first time at Forró Fest UK, we welcome Matheus Antunes from Belo Horizonte!


Born in Minas Gerais, Matheus found his love for forró in his home town before studying at various schools and eventually moving to Germany to teach as part of the Forró da Colonia team!

Felipe Carvalho

From Brazil via Dublin!

Born in Bahia, Felipe Carvalho has been teaching in the Balanço Nordestino group for 2 years and now he is in Europe for the first ever time! 


Felipe likes to mix the "roots" style with "universitario" style and always brings to his classes various techniques and his way of thinking to build his dance. He loves to dance, but also has a passion for teaching.

We are so glad to welcome him during his last few weeks in Europe, were he's been raising quite a few eyebrows (in a good way!) on his visit from Brazil.


It's all about connection of course!

We are over the moon to welcome back Lina from Berlin!

Lina has been teaching for many years and founded the group Tomé Forró which is one of the highest regarded associations of Forró in Europe.. She and her team teach with a focus on connection and sensitivity which all contribute to make her dance and teaching style an utter dream..

Heitor Libanio

Hot on his toes

This year we're welcoming Heitor to our teaching team!

All the way from Rondonópolis, Brazil, Heitor has become one of Europes finest forró secrets (at least we thought he was secret.. but then we saw the queue of girls waiting to dance with him..)..

He leads clearly and with 100% passion in the dance. His style is a rich mix of close and intriquate movements with some tricky twists thrown in for fun..

He's pretty unmissable

The Pé Descalço team!

Felipe Raso and Angel Campos!

This year we have an exciting Pé Descalço team with Felipe Raso and Angel Campos all the way from Belo Horizonte!


This pair are some of PD's greatest leaders, talent and hard work, not to mention absolutely lovely people who know how to enjoy themselves for sure.


With their charismatic, humble and energetic style - PD classes are always uplifting and well planned - what a treat we have in store for us!

Anax Caracol

All the way from London town

Anax`s style is an amalgamation of many forms of movement and expression, and is heavily influenced by Coco Raiz, where the use of footwork, body language and upper body leading is emphasised making the dance even more playful and fun..


Dancing out of the box

Dedés workshops are all about breaking free of the common patterns by rearranging the elements one already knows and transforming them.


Exploring and creating are the key words, so Dedé will teach a method focused on these aspects of forró dance experience and some variables that one can manipulate for getting there.

Dedé always surprises and entices us with something different every time he teaches..Looking forwards!

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Alternative dance styles and workshops

We have also invited a wonderful array of teachers of alternative styles and dances, bringing their own inspirations and ideas, and often incorporating them into forró too. Interesting indeed!

Still more to be confirmed!

Circle singing with Sarka

Singing for all!

Šárka Elias is a singer, teacher and workshop facilitator.

Her enthusiasm and joy is infectious and with expert gentle encouragement and beautiful songs from around the world, she guides us to a place of freedom.

Šárka is passionate about helping others find their natural voice, and bring joy and healing through song. 
Since 2014 she has been guiding circles in UK, Czechia, Peru, India and Greece.

Having travelled far and wide, inspired by numerous cultures and traditions, Šárka will bring a unique and uplifting energy to UK Forró Fest 2019

Capoeira with Parente

Play the game

The traditional Brazilian game of Capoeira, combining martial arts with music, dance and physical agility will be brought to Forró Fest UK by the northwest’s Capoeira group “Cordão de Ouro”.  Mestre Parente will be hosting a beginners class followed by an open “roda” bringing both new and experienced players from all over the UK together in one stupendous crescendo of intricate movement. We’ve heard that the guys from up north like a bit of Forró too. Let’s see about that..

Mestre Parente has been teaching in Manchester and Liverpool for over 15 years and has built a fantastic community of Brazilian culture lovers stretching from East to West. His teaching style is varied and fun, and he focuses a lot on the music too, heightening the spirit of the game as the players are encouraged to sing from their hearts, to the call of the berimbau.

Contact Improvisation with Stone

Find and meet your inner stillness

The main focus of the workshop is the essence of contact improvisation: listening and sharing. The higher level of listening of ourselves and our dance partners gives higher responsiveness to each other, bring us fluidity, and high satisfaction in connection on a deeper level. 

We will work on getting into the body, on increasing awareness, on deepening sensitivity for smallest movements and energies and lightest changes of directions. Such subtlety in listening brings us closer to the environment surrounding us in dance and gives us a very intimate connection with the dance partners. That results in quicker development of the technique within principles and fundamentals of contact improvisation. 

Samba de pé with Gladys

Samba de pé is the one

From Rio de Janeiro, Gladys first started dancing in 1993 as a Brazilian Ballroom and Latin Dancer. She moved on to the stage and Zumba too and currently  dances a number of styles including Forró, Samba, Gafieira and even Tango.

Gladys runs loads of classes in London and has worked for many years helping to build and cherish our wonderful Forró community there. Gladys will have your hips doing things you never thought possible.

Gladys has been supporting Forró Fest UK since our first ever event 6 years ago. Without her it really would not be the same. Welcome back Gladys!

Morning Yoga and Pilates

If you need a good stretch

This year we are going wild with morning Pilates with Claudia from London and also yoga with the lovely Jemima from Edinburgh!

If you like to wake up early - OK, not that early, then at 10am there'll be an opportunity to gently lure your muscles into action in the main hall..

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