Catering at Forró Fest UK

There will be plenty of deliscious options for you to eat to your tummy's content this year at Forró Fest.. Check out some tasty delights here..

You can also buy a Food Pass option that will cover all meals and snacks and save you a few quid too!

Munchies kitchen

Homecooked meals from our indoor kitchen

The team will be providing wholesome and appetising meals from Feijão tropeiro, Beef stroganoff and chicken casserole, to spaghetti bolognese and guacho style roasted pork. 

Lunch will be served from 1-3pm and dinner from 6-8pm so be ready to fill your boots..

BBQ tasties

Top quality picanha and more!

We have invited Sergio and his team to get the Brazilian style churrasco in action!

There'll be picanha and sausages with all the Brazilian trimmings.. delicio!

Master Crepes

Sweet and Savoury pancakes galore!

Brand new this year, we'll be welcoming Matheiu and his team who are the creators of Master Crepes - serving wholesome (and not so wholesome) pancakes and gluten/vegan galettes all weekend!

Galo Samba van

More tasty goodies from Sergio and the crew

From the finest coffee around, to fresh fruit smoothies, mouth breakfasts and scrumptious snacks, Cafe Samba will be providing it all

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